Sunday, December 27, 2015

What is it going to take for humanity to awaken before it is too late?

What is it going to take for humanity to awaken before it is too late?

What is it going to take for you to awaken before it is too late? Yes you human being. Homo sapiens must wake up to the massive destruction of the ecosystem we all depend on for survival.

Humans are creating global climate change, mass extinction, habitat destruction, pollution of land. air and sea and overpopulation thru ignorance and willful stupidity for very short term profits over the needs of future generations. Children of the Earth you must awaken!

Planet Earth is our home - our only home. There may be other habitable planets and even civilizations in the vast Universe, but as of today we humans cannot live permanently away from our home. The Earth is not only the only home we have it is our mother.

Like a mother, the Earth gave birth to us as a species. Like a mother the Earth sustains us, supports us, and protects us so that we may live. Someday, if we do not destroy ourselves and our ecosystem, we may be able to grow up and leave our mother and home (Earth) for other planets and solar systems. But for the foreseeable future we are utterly and completely dependent on this fragile, minuscule planet in the vastness of cold, inhospitable space.

Regardless of your religions beliefs, if you are an atheist or agnostic, still the fact is we all came from the Earth and we will all return to the Earth. I happen to believe, thru my own experience, study and experimentation, that we are spirits that inhabit human bodies. But even then in my present form, while I am on Earth and alive as a human being, I am from the Earth, of the Earth and will return to the Earth. This is a fact.

In fact all you can see, hear, smell, and feel in your life is from the Earth and would not exist without this living planet.

Human civilization is under threat from itself and its mindless destruction of the very foundations of life. There is no economy or civilization without nature.

You are an animal. If you are reading this you are an animal. Since artificial intelligence has yet to develop, if you are reading this you are an animal - a mammal. Your species is human. Race is an invented false category. Race is not a real scientific category - you are a primate - Homo sapiens. All people are animals. Yes, even if you live in Beverly Hills, in a Manhattan high rise or a posh place in Paris – you are an animal. No amount of fashionable clothes, make up, technology or products can change that fact. We are a part of nature.

We must fundamentally and radically restructure the global economy and every business so it must consider the costs and consequences on the environment at every step of every product or service. Every business in the world must be legally obligated under the same environmental laws so the playing field of the global market is even and fair. We can change society to reflect the facts of our existence and dependence on a healthy planet, or we can continue as we are and destroy the planet and human civilization along with it. The Universe will continue on without us. The question is: we will awaken enough soon enough so that human civilization will continue?

Best of luck to all us all and our only home - planet Earth. Kyle Schmierer, writer-producer-director